Serverless Architecture for Chatbot Application

This is an architecture of Serverless Chatbot built on AWS that monitors your hat channels and removes images suggesting or containing explicit content.

Courtesy: MWServerless Community

Platform: Amazon Web Service


Twitter: @AWSCloud

Architecture Overview

  • A user posts a message containing an image to a chat app channel that’s monitored by a chatbot.
  • The chat app posts the event to an Amazon API Gateway API for the chatbot.
  • The chatbot validates the event. This event triggers an AWS Lambda function that downloads the image.
  • Amazon Rekognition’s image recognition feature checks the image for suggestive or explicit content.
  • The chat API deletes an image containing explicit or suggestive content from the chat channel.
  • The chatbot uses the chat app API to post a message to the chat channel detailing deletion of the image.