Serverless Architecture of Rue La La’s Recommendation Engine

This is a serverless architecture of Recommendation Engine of Rue La La using Databricks on AWS

Courtesy: Amazon Web Service


Twitter: @AWSCloud

Architecture Overview

  • Rue La La is a fashion retail than specializes in a flash sale. Snowflake database is used here to contain the customer data, product data and web data.
  • This data is used to feed the recommendation engine. First, it comes to the Databricks which is run on Elastic Container Service EC2. 
  • Then the data is converted into a JSON format and loaded into S3 because that’s what we want for DynamoDB.
  •  AWS Lambda monitors the data being loaded into S3 and executes the batch job. It is going to ingest the data and autoconfigure the data and load it into DynamoDB.
  • When end users interact with the web, the unique set of recommendations is going to process through AWS API Gateway to DynamoDB.