Serverless Architecture of an E-commerce Website

This is an architecture of an e-commerce website made using AWS serverless stack, MongoDB as database, GraphQL as backend API and React.js for the frontend.

Courtesy: Tobiah Rex and Lakshman Diwaakar

Twitter: @TobiahRex and @LakshmanTgld

Architecture Overview

E-commerce store sells products to Japanese customers faster than anyone.

  • Deployed using Serverless technology using AWS Lambda and AWS S3.
  • Backend API = GraphQL.
  • Database utilizes a Mongo Cluster with 3 nodes. 2 Full + 1 Arbiter.
  • Client-side API requests are generated from Apollo Client wrapped components.
  • Other Client-side API requests are generated using redux-sagas and the npm library api-sauce that adds an abstraction layer to axios.
  • The rest of the app sits on React.js & React Router(V3)* (with Code splitting), Redux & Redux Persist (with WebStorage).
  • Other AWS services used in the architecture are Route53, CloudFront, SNS, and SES

You can visit the Github repository for more architectural details about the of the e-commerce website.