Serverless Alternative to WordPress

This is a serverless architecture of simple WordPress alternative build using Contentful, Gatsby and AWS components.

Courtesy: Antonio Terreno


Twitter: @javame

Architecture Overview

  • The content is generated inside Contentful, Contentful is configured to call one of our lambdas when new content gets published,
  • Gatsby re-builds the site from scratch, publishes to S3 and invalidates a CloudFront Distribution.
  • The architecture leverages GraphQL (to get the posts from Contentful) and Styled Components for styling the site: no more SASS or CSS, it’s all JS.
  • There’s another little component: in order to serve folders we wrote a tiny Lambda that runs at Edge and basically rewrites the urls (/page/ => /page/index.html).
  • All the lambdas of this stack are monitored with IOPipe and the lambdas are configured, packaged and deployed using the Serverless Framework.

For more details visit ‘A Serverless alternative to WordPress